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Welcome to EFQ, the literary baseball journal that is short on hype and long on content. Intelligent, quirky, iconoclastic, funny, and opinionated — that's us! If you love baseball and its timeless beauty, you'll love EFQ. Every issue features 112 pages of great writing on baseball from rookies and established veterans. Anything having to do with baseball is fair game. Best of all, our print doesn't come off in your hands! When you're done with an issue, it goes on your bookshelf, not in the trash.

So sit back in your seat, check out our starting lineup, and hopefully you'll like our season ticket plan. Play Ball!

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City Baseball Magic

A widely acclaimed monograph on modern ballparks and the relationship between ballpark design and city harmony.

by Philip Bess

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EFQ 14:1 - Spring 1995
One of our finest issues, primarily due to John Poff's powerful cover story entitled "Donnie Moore: A Racial Memoir.”

Most back issues remain available.

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Contract Bud T-Shirt
Okay, we hate to be blunt about this, but Bud Selig must go. He's a disgrace to baseball, and if this latest negotiating tactic—contraction— should prove to be more than just another stupid threat to blackmail vulnerable cities into more stadium building, he will have irreparably harmed the game.
The Portsider
Simply put, the most hilarious writing on baseball anywhere. Click here to read a sample column by the ageless Staff Writer.
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Honoring the most important baseball book each year.
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