Vol. 25 / No. 1 • 2008

In This Issue:

Noise from the Dugout
The Mitchell Apologia
Tom Goldstein

The Dave Moore Award
2007 Finalists
EFQ Staff
The State of the Game
Two Decades, Two Games, One Life
Walt Lindberg
The View from Left Field
A Brief Note on Misattributed Quotations, Centenarian Intellectuals, and the Hearts and Minds of Americans
Tom Brennan


Poetry on 'Roids
Markham Johnson
Joltin' Joe, the Fine Arts, and Me
Meredith Trede

My Turn At Bat
The Steroid Mess
John Poff
How Baseball Breaks Your Heart
Angela Welch Stucker
The All-Alphabetical Team
Mikhail Horowitz
Five O'Clock Lightning
Max Everhart
The Collegiate Game
Pedro Alvarez: A Bronx Boy Makes Good
Will Dubbs

Spring Training
Brent Royster
Love in the Time of Little League
Donna Vorreyer


The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 106
David Paulson


On Historical Grounds
Baseball's Deadliest Disaster: "Black Saturday" in Philadelphia
Robert D. Warrington

The Portsider
Playing the Odds
Staff Writer

The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
My First Curveball
Gil Arzola
The Winning Run
Tom Dustman
Paul Kareem Tayyar
Naming Rights
Melinda Thomsen
Off the Wall
Curt Flood, 1964
Cabeza de Vaca
The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
If at First You Don't Succeed
David H. Nathan
The Scoreboard
Letters to the Editor
Cultural Studies
The Changing Culture of Professional Baseball
George Gmelch
A Couple of Screwballs
Robert Rubino

Ozzie Mandias
Justin O'Brien
Ted Radcliffe: Double Duty at One Hundred
Daniel Bronson

Baseball by the Books
How Mudville Found America
David Shiner

Shocking, But True: When Cubs Ruled
Daniel Gabriel

Mass Deception
Richard H. Parks
From the Ivys to the Bushes
Jay Thomas

Pride and Prejudice
Robert Rubino

Last Ups
Baseball Epitaphs
J. Patrick Lewis

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