Vol. 24 / No. 2 • 2007

In This Issue:

Noise from the Dugout
The Era of Barry and Bud
Tom Goldstein

The State of the Game
Last Days of Ray Winder Field
Jay Jennings
The Scoreboard
Letters to the Editor
The View from Left Field
Don't Penalize Starting Pitchers!
Herschel Cozine

My Turn At Bat
Prelude to a Tragedy
Ronald L. Brown


The All-Incarcerated Team
Mikhail Horowitz

Acid Droppers and Fly Catchers
John Poff
Death in Foul Ground
Ted Walker
The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 111
David Paulson

On Historical Grounds
Departure without Dignity:
The Athletics Leave Philadelphia

Robert D. Warrington


Ted Williams
Norm Levine

Remembering Joe DiMaggio
Patricia Giragosian


The Portsider
A Game of Surprises
Staff Writer

The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
Chris Christensen
Sarah Waddle
The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
A Top Ten List
David H. Nathan
The The Engaging and Edifying EFQ Interview
What Makes Josh Paul Want to Write?
Andy Martino
Off the Wall
A Lens on Life
Sally Mars
The Ballpark
Scott Condon
Connie Mack
Daniel Picker
Tigers at Exhibition Stadium, circa 1984
John Lofranco
Cultural Studies
Baseball and the Vietnam War
Brett Walton
The Numbers Game
The Stolen Season: Bobby Thomson and the Wall Street Journal
Stan Jacoby
The Dave Moore Award
And the Winner Is…
EFQ Staff

Baseball by the Books
Baseball's Forgotten Moses
Andy Silberman
The Giants Steal the Pennant!
Daniel Gabriel

Mr. Robinson and Mr. Rickey
Robert A. Moss
Grooving One for Bill
David Shiner

Black Sox Tale Murkier Than Ever
Tom Goldstein

A Poet Laureate and His Game
C. Paul Rogers III

Last Ups
Wilbur Wood's Windup
Robert Manaster

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