Vol. 24 / No. 1 • 2007

In This Issue:

The Dave Moore Award
2006 Finalists
EFQ Staff

The View from Left Field
Trouble in the Family
A. H. Block

The State of the Game
Diamonds at Doubleday
Anne Margaret Daniel
The Scoreboard
Letters to the Editor

My Turn At Bat
Cheating the Game
Mark Feierstein


The All-Dogs Team
Mikhail Horowitz

Seventh-Inning Revolution
Jeff Gerhardstein
Don and Bobby
Thomas Michael McDade
Three Haiku
Ed Markowski
Four New Songs
Elizabeth Metz
On Historical Grounds
The Black Sox and Collyer's Eye
J. M. Cornelius

The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 104
David Paulson


Off the Wall
Altered Reality
Roger D. Patrick


The Portsider
A Real Ball-Buster
Staff Writer

The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
The Mick
Richard Andersen
His Favorite Sport Was Hockey
Colleen Mondor
The Epic Red Sox
Scott P. Shafer
The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
English 101
David H. Nathan
Cultural Studies
Hank Aaron and a Legacy of Hate Mail
Clyde Partin Jr.
The Scorebook
Scott Winkler
A Piece of It
Barbara LaFlesh
Baseball by the Word
Homeric (and Gibsonian) Odes
Mikhail Horowitz

Baseball by the Books
Revisiting the Clemente Myth
David Shiner
A Boy's Love for His Team
Andy Silberman
Win Your Fantasy League for Only $250 a Day!
Brad Rogers
The Soul of the Game
C. Paul Rogers III

A Game of Inches . . . and Innovation
Daniel Gabriel

Last Ups
What the Stars Heard
Bill Rector

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