Vol. 22 / No. 2 • 2005

In This Issue:

Noise from the Dugout
Bud Cracks Down
Tom Goldstein

The State of the Game
The Golden Oldies
Cathy Brown

In the Ballpark
Breaking the Curse
Neil deMause
The Pitcher
Matt Zambito
The Death and Madness of First Basemen
Jay Meek
The View from Left Field
The Old Ball Game
Tom Larsen
The All-Frontier Team
Mikhail Horowitz

My Turn At Bat
Play Ball!
Billy O'Callaghan


The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 86
David Paulson

On Historical Grounds
The Federal League Challenges the Reserve Clause
Patrick E. Mears

The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
David H. Nathan

Off the Wall
Images of Fenway
Ben Wizansky


The Universe is Only Weather
Tanya Olson


The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
The Right Fielder
Robert Lee Mahon

The Portsider
The Asian Arsenal
Staff Writer
Can of Corn
Bonnie Thompson


The Sign
Charles West
Out at Third
Joseph Stanton
The Numbers Game
A Baseball Enlightenment?
Steve Shymanik
The Dave Moore Award
And the Winner Is . . .
EFQ Staff

Baseball by the Books
Inside the Iron Horse
Daniel Gabriel
Things Fall Apart
Brad Rogers
A Slugger's Excuse
Dan Schwartz
Before Ichiro
David Shiner
Perspectives on the Game
Jennifer M. Stolpa
Just Like Being There
David Schramm

Last Ups
Epitaph for a Second Baseman
J. Patrick Lewis

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