Vol.19 / No. 1• 2002

In This Issue:


The Dave Moore Award
2001 Finalists
EFQ Staff


The State of the Game
Bud Selig: Commissioner Extraordinaire
Joe Sheehan


The Scoreboard
Letters to the Editor


The All-Cosmopolitan Team
Mikhail Horowitz


My Turn At Bat
A Padre for the Ages
John L. Nunes



The Baserunner
Kim Chapman
Radio Ball
David Rogner


Baseball Fiction
Every System Has Its Bugs
Marc Estrin

The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 87
David Paulson


On Historical Grounds
The Cuban Comet
Peter C. Bjarkman



Babe Ruth at Honolulu Stadium
Joseph Stanton
Mickey Mantle's Last Dream
Bill Meissner


The Portsider
Fishy Growing Pains
Staff Writer


Baseball Fiction
A Game of Forgiveness
Peter Kovochich


The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
The Zulu Colored Giants
John Judson


The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
Physical Fitness
David H. Nathan


The Numbers Game
Facts of Life
Murray Browne

The Engaging and Edifying EFQ Interview
Elyssa Bosco: Belting 'Em Out in Baltimore
EFQ Staff


Baseball Fiction
A Hazard of New Fortunes
Michael Bourdaghs

Thoughts While Looking Down At A Baseball
Mark Anderson-Wilk
Marking the Lines
Gene Fehler
Old Whitman Loved Baseball
Edward J. Rielly

Reel Baseball
Hanging with the Crosscutters
Tom Goldstein
Baseball by the Books
Baseball as the American Dream
Daniel Gabriel
A Great Talent Corrupted
David Shiner
Quiet Yankee Trailblazer
Ron Kaplan
Every Picture Tells a Story
David Spohn
The Human Side
Andy Silberman
Baseball's Historic Divergence
Chuck Chalberg

Last Ups
In Memory of Joe Schultz, Ex-Big Leaguer
Louis Phillips


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