Vol.18 / No. 4 • 2001

In This Issue:


Noise from the Dugout
Rethinking the National Pastime
by Tom Goldstein

The Scoreboard
Letters to the Editor


The State of the Game
In the Shadow of the Sandias
by Sim J. Ramirez


The View From Left Field
Teaching Einstein the Hit-and-Run
by Jay Thomas


The All-Yuletide Team
by Mikhail Horowitz


My Turn At Bat
Aparicio's Glove and Other Gifts
by Rick Wilber


Baseball Poetry
Another April Will Come
by Gene Fehler
Free Agent
by Linda Elena Opyr

Baseball Fiction
Dead Man's Curve
by Robert Rubino


The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 71
by David Paulson


On Historical Grounds
Breaking the Latino Barrier
by Peter Toot


The Portsider
A Nutty Beginning
by Staff Writer



Baseball Poetry
Perseverance of the Saints (1995)
by Jane E. Griffioen
Mercy Rules
by Brad Bennett


Baseball Fiction
The Pariah
by Glen Singer


The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
Record Setters
by David H. Nathan


The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
Hitting the Trifecta
by David J. Ginzl


The Numbers Game
The Myth of the Failing Hitter
by Daniel Gabriel



Baseball Poetry
by Robert Fink
Godot in Midlands, Texas
by Louis Phillips


Baseball Fiction
This Tiny Altitude
by JB Powell


Baseball by the Books
Day In, Day Out / by Brad Rogers
A Never-Ending Tale / by Ron Kaplan
Life's Little Pleasures / by Andy Silberman
A Happy Diversion / by David Shiner
Mahatma in Purgatory / by Chuck Chalberg


Last Ups
On the Demise of County Stadium
by Jeff Bodley


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