Vol.18 / No. 2 • 2001

In This Issue:

Noise from the Dugout
Romancing the Game
by Tom Goldstein
The Scoreboard
Letters to the Editor
The View From Left Field
Throwing the Spitter
by George Felton
The All-New Testament Team
by Mikhail Horowitz

My Turn At Bat
Why Baseball Is the Sexiest Game
by Elizabeth Bales Frank

Baseball Poetry
Pepi Played the Game Like a Tune
by Tim Peeler
Something About Certain Baseball Fields
by Bill Meissner

Baseball Fiction
Look into My Eyes
by Robert Pope

The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 39
by David Paulson

On Historical Grounds
Martín Dihigo: Baseball's
Least-Known Hall of Famer

by Peter C. Bjarkman

The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
Catching the World Series on the Far Side of the Globe
by Robert Diemer

Baseball Fiction
Pilgrim at the Plate
by Frank Fyffe
The Portsider
Skipping in the Rain
by Staff Writer
The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
Literate Baseball
by David H. Nathan

Baseball Poetry
by H. R. Coursen
The Unveiling
by Becka Mara McKay

Off the Wall
The Golem's Mighty Swing
by James Sturm
Baseball Poetry
The Groundskeeper
by Jim Gill
The Dave Moore Award
And the Winner Is . . .
by EFQ Staff

Baseball by the Books
Still Chasing the Impossible Dream / by Daniel Gabriel
Like Father, Like Son / by George Lausch
Two Views of an Also-Ran / by Charles R. Crawley
Remembering the Old Horseshoe / by David Shiner
Never a Dull Moment / by Chuck Chalberg

Last Ups
Two Baseball Limericks
by Jerry Dorbin

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