Vol.17 / No. 4 • 2000

In This Issue:
The State of the Game
This Is Not a Condo: San Francisco's New Ballpark
by Mike Shaler
The View From Left Field
Pure Evil
by Brad Rogers
The All-Romance Team
by EFQ Staff

My Turn At Bat
Playing with the Boys
by Jodi Ayres

Baseball Fiction
Canceling Home Run Derby
by David W. Monahan
Baseball Poetry
Radio Game
by Barbara M. Seagle
Strange Loops
by Craig Paulenich
On Historical Grounds
Before Rocker:
The Jake Powell Incident

by Chris Christensen
The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 85
by David Paulson

The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
Evening the Score
by Mickey Weintraub

Baseball Fiction
Concessions for Dr. Strangeglove
by Steven H. Bills
The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
by David H. Nathan

Ballpark Treasures
Saving Fenway Park
by Randy Divinski
The Case for Fenway
by Philip Bess
The Future Fenway Symposium

by Jeffrey Harris and Randy Divinski

The Portsider
Technology of Ruin
by Staff Writer

Baseball Poetry
Baseball Enlightenment
by John Poff
Minor League
by Sarah Freligh

The Numbers Game
Killer Goryl
by Mayer Schiller

Baseball Fiction
Dodger Blue
by Jordan Henry

Baseball Poetry
Elysian Curve
by Joseph Stanton
The Old Men of Summer
by Bill Meissner

Baseball by the Books
A League of Their Own / David Shiner
Pennant Winners Squared / Ron Kaplan
Mining the Nuggets / Daniel Gabriel
Greatest Pitcher Ever? / David Shiner
Updating the Game / Chuck Chalberg
Minnesota Shakedown / Tom Montgomery

Last Ups
The All-Time Worst Rhubarb / Mikhail Horowitz


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