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Minor Poets
By William Miller

Like players in the bush leagues,
we sit in the dugout waiting
for our turn in the magic circle,
our chance at the plate.

We swing for the fence,
sometimes topping,
but never clearing the wall.

When we steal second,
we always slide head-first,
though the tag is just in time.

And when the ball,
that glorious ball,
flies out of the sun,
we run and stumble,
strain for and almost make
the perfect catch.


WILLIAM MILLER is an Associate Professor of English at York College of Pennsylvania. His poems, short stories, and essays have appeared in over a hundred journals, including The Southern Review, Louisiana Literature, The Southern Poverty Review, Tar River Review, The Amherst Review, and West Branch. He is the author of eleven children's books, and has also published a chapbook and three full-length poetry collections.

© 2003 William Miller


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