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Godot in Midlands, Texas
By Louis Phillips

Even in Texas, where humans & cattle
Are spaced far apart,
Failure has a way of catching up with us.
Estragon & Vladimir know, &
Everybody in the minor leagues knows
That life is a place where you wait & wait & wait,
That in some parts of the human heart
It is always 150 degrees in the shade.
Here I am, one more season
With the Midland Rockhounds,
When all I want to do is play in the Majors,
Leave behind Christensen Stadium &
Take the next plane to Oakland
Where a million dollars is just another pay day.
Troy Glaus started here, & Jim Edmonds,
It takes a will of iron to survive,
To survive even in our fantasies
The narrati o fabulosa of a Nolan Ryan fastball,
The stuff of legends. On October 25, 1820,
In another universe, not a parallel one,
Ralph Waldo Emerson inscribed in his journal:
"I need excitement." I need excitement too.
Everybody needs a bit of excitement.
Greg Martinez is taking batting practice, &
Curt Young, the pitching coach,
Is waving at me to begin my warm-ups.
My whole life has been a warm-up for this moment, &
Like rookies on this roster I'm tired of waiting.
Now the Rockhound fans straggle in.
They're waiting too, waiting for the game to begin.


Humor and poetry by LOUIS PHILLIPS has appeared in The Minneapolis Review of Baseball, Elysian Fields Quarterly, National Lampoon, The Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, and many other publications.

© 2001 Louis Phillips


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