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Six Ways to Reach First Without a Hit
By Barbara M. Seagle

Determination: do not give ground
in face of hostile fire, thus winning
recompense for damages sustained.

Concentration: have patience to find
the location of a sphere in space;
then wait, disdaining to strike, four times.

Luck: the odd assist by defensemen,
field conditions, or sun location
can turn catastrophe to triumph.

Ignoble sacrifice: deliverance
of forerunners to the enemy
obtains only pyrrhic victory.

Hindrance: a masked, armored opponent,
impeding progress, may be punished
by forfeit of the protected prize.

Rapid transit: missiles unhindered
or aberrant in flight may advance
even the most inept attacker.

Possible offensive moves for spring:
courage, forbearance, accident, bungled
chance, criminal trespass, and battery miscue.


BARBARA M. SEAGLE credits her father, Bill Mackey, with her lifelong baseball fandom. One of her earliest childhood memories is meeting Dizzy Dean in New York in the fifties. Her poems have appeared in Light, The Comstock Review, and 96 Inc. When not writing or cheering for the Red Sox, she is a pediatrician in Brookline, Massachusetts.

© 2001 Barbara M. Seagle


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