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The Batboy
By Adam S. Ferber


From the stands
where the fathers sit,
through the gate
at the dugout's edge,
onto the field of play

sewn with
bases and chalk,
masks and gloves,
stopwatches, bats,
chest protectors,
shinguards, pine tar, resin,
helmets, seeds, and snuff,

through a maze
of blue hose
legs cleated,
poised and powerful,
walks the batboy.


with stirrups showing,
weathered cap,
silver chain.

by the watercooler
he takes his place.

When each furious threat
has ebbed;
no pitch, no swing,
no steal, no slide, no throw,
he works.



ADAM S. FERBER is a lawyer living in Orinda, California. His son Simon is the batboy for the University of California Golden Bears.

© 2000 Adam S. Ferber


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