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William Shakespeare Celebrates the Return of the Spaldeen
By Louis Phillips

"Two decades after Spalding discontinued the spongy hollow ball that
inspired the urban pastime of stickball, stores will start selling it again."
-The New York Times, May 5, 1999

  How like 20 yrs. hath your absence been
  From NY streets, while your true lovers-Sal, Dean,
  Tommy Davis, et al. (oh what dark days seen!)
  Lust for your return Spaldeen. Spaldeen!
  Soft pink hollow ball that means Summer Time,
  & even if I missed making All Dean's
  list because of too much stickball in my Prime-
  Oh gods call down your blessings on Spaldeen!
  Yet, this fortunate return has set sorrow free,
  Tho your long absence had cast a pall keen.
  Two decades lost! But what new games await thee!
  Without you our broomstick bats were mute, Spaldeen!
  Only tenured philosophers know what this might all mean-
  The glorious return of the spongy ball Spaldeen.


Humor and poetry by LOUIS PHILLIPS has appeared in The Minneapolis Review of Baseball, Elysian Fields Quarterly, National Lampoon, The Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, and many other publications.

© 2000 Louis Phillips


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