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Baseball Poetry

The Game
By Nancy Scott



All the good ball

  players were on one
  team, the big
  kids who ra
  bases and swung
  bats that cracked
  the ball across
  the backyard fence,
  too close to my head
  though I stayed to watch.
  The score was seven
  to one. Not
  fair, I thought, till
  Billy Biggest-kid turned
  to Lucy on first
  and whispered "Don't
you try to make
  any magic."

NANCY SCOTT has published articles and poetry in numerous national magazines and newspapers. Two poems from her chapbook Hearing the Sunrise (Anderie, 1996) appear in the disability anthology Staring Back (Plume, 1997). She regularly reads her work, sings, and plays piano for local audiences.

© 2000 Nancy Scott


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