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The All-Dinner Team
By EFQ Staff

C: Norm Sherry (apéritif)

1B: Cookie Lavagetto (dessert)
2B: Coot Veal (entree)
SS: Bobby Wine (beverage)
3B: Pie Traynor (dessert)

OF: Darryl Strawberry (appetizer)
OF: Sam Rice (side dish)
OF: Chili Davis (entree)

RHP: Goose Gossage (entree)
Bob Lemon (garnish)
Jose Lima (side dish)
Ray Lamb (entree)
Spud Chandler (side dish)
Mark Lemongello (dessert)
Roy Crabb (appetizer)
Allyn Stout (beverage)

LHP: Herb Score (garnish)
Noodles Hahn (side dish)
Dennis Cook (chef)

BENCH: Oyster Burns (appetizer)
Peaches Graham (dessert)
Pepper Martin (table seasoning)
Bill Bean (side dish)
Jake Flowers (centerpiece)
Tim Salmon (entree)
Bake McBride (pastry chef)
Pickles Dillhoeffer (condiment)

MGR: Salty Parker (table seasoning)


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