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It took us six years, but finally our very own lids. Two-tone cap with black visor and EFQ masthead embroidered across khaki crown. Brushed 100% cotton; low profile, six-panel pro style cap structured with buckram backing. Matching under-visor and adjustable back. One-size-fits-all.

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A classy pub deserves classy threads, so we know you're going to like these new 7 oz. shortsleeve polos by Anvil with our handsome masthead embroidered on the left chest. Whether at the ballpark or curled up with our latest issue, this comfy shirt will remind you that you're always a part of the EFQ team. Available in black or white.

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Adult sizes M-L-XL / XXL
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Okay, we hate to be blunt about this, but Bud Selig must go. He's a disgrace to baseball, and if this latest negotiating tactic—contraction—should prove to be more than just another stupid threat to blackmail vulnerable cities into more stadium building, he will have irreparably harmed the game. (Of course, if the players had any guts, they'd make the selection of baseball's commissioner a bargaining issue.) Unfortunately, none of the powers-that-be care what we think, so we're fighting back the only way we know how—with a sense of humor. Shirt reads: "FIX BASEBALL: Contract Bud. (And do something about that hair, too.)" Black lettering on basic gray T-shirt.

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Okay, you know what's special about EFQ, but think of all those other poor folks in the dark. Help spread the word about baseball's literary voice with this handsome ash t-shirt that features the EFQ mast-head across the chest and lettering in black graphics.

Adult sizes M-L-XL / XXL
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Before EFQ, there was the Minneapolis Review of Baseball, the little saddle-stiched journal that began in 1981 and spawned the vast publishing empire that now stretches across the nation and affects the lives of baseball fans everywhere. (Okay, we can dream, can't we?) So that nobody forgets the MRB, we're bringing back baseball artist Andy Nelson's classic "throwback" design for all of our longtime readers who never got around to buying one of these ten years ago. Red graphics on a basic gray t-shirt.

Adult sizes M-L-XL / XXL

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First in a series!

Brought to life by the veteran Staff Writer in a hilarious story about lounging at the ballpark ("The Third Base Coaching Lounge," EFQ issue 15:2), the logo of this mythical team can now be proudly worn by all of our loyal readers—thanks to the wonderful four-color illustration by Andy Nelson. Ash (gray).

Adult sizes M-L-XL / XXL
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Hopes and Dreams follows the Williamsport Crosscutters (a short-season Single A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates) during the summer of 2000, providing an inside look at entry-level pro ball in the New York Penn League. With a keen eye for the rhythms of baseball, filmmaker Steve Patterson offers a candid portrayal of life in the low minors, focusing on the players' aspirations and love for the game as well as the nuances of the day-to-day experience on and off the field. We see the efforts of manager Curtis Wilkerson and roving Pirate instructors like Bobby Meacham to develop big league potential, the struggles and successes of individual players as the season progresses, and a glimpse at some of the colorful personalities who seem to populate every ball club. Heartwarming without being overly sentimental, Hopes and Dreams reminds us of the beauty of the minor league game and the bonds of camaraderie that develop from a shared adventure. Suitable for all ages.

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As any serious student of the game knows, every baseball used in a major league game must first have its gloss removed by the home plate umpire, a task accomplished by lightly smearing the baseball with a "mildly abrasive soil" known as baseball rubbing mud. Since the 1950s, both leagues have used clay from the Delaware River in southern New Jersey to form this mixture, and each souvenir pamphlet describing the art of rubbing a baseball includes a sealed packet with enough genuine mud to coat three regulation baseballs. Originally designed as a promotional item for door-to-door salesmen in the 1970s, these booklets make a great incentive gift and the ideal giveaway item at birthday parties or Little League games. Comes 24 booklets per package.

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Individual booklet: $1 ea.
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Given that everybody under the sun, from brokers to auto repair shops, has their own logo baseballs, we thought it was about time that a journal about baseball had its own baseball. So, here, in black & white—just like the pages of your favorite publication—is the EFQ logo baseball, replete with our handsome logo imprinted on the sweet spot. Official size and weight. Synthetic leather. By Fotoball. Sorry, no autographs.

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It was called "The Game of the Century," and 73 years ago the brainchild of sportswriter Arch Ward brought together some of the greatest names in baseball. Originally planned as a one-time event to coincide with Chicago's 1933 Century of Progress World's Fair, the first Major League All-Star Game took on epic proportions of its own, with 27 of the 46 participants in that famous contest now enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It truly was the "greatest baseball game ever scheduled."

Own for yourself a "snapshot" of history with this beautiful three-color reproduction of the original scorecard/program sold at that first All-Star Game. Exact in every detail, this superb collector's item was limited to a one-time press run of 2500 hand-numbered copies in 1991. Each program comes carefully packaged in a specially designed presentation envelope, and like the original, is sure to be treasured. 1933 Baseball Magazine reprinted article with box score of the game included free with each order.

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With this past spring's tiff at the Hall of Fame over the Bull Durham 15-year retrospective, here's another chance to own the film's promotional 4-card set, sealed in plastic. Oversized 4x5 color cards of "CRASH DAVIS" (Kevin Costner), ' MILLIE" (Jenny Robertson), "NUKE LALOOSH" (Tim Robbins), & "ANNIE SAVOY" (Susan Sarandon).

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"Help Keep the Tigers in Their Natural Habitat" reads this 12x23" sepia-toned poster created by the Tiger Stadium Fan Club to promote the first-ever ballpark hug held on April 20th, 1988. Great overhead photo of the "Grand Old Lady" with a full house in attendance.

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Like the above, this poster was created by the Tiger Stadium Fan Club to promote the first-ever ballpark hug on April 20th, 1988. Titled "Don't Let Them Make the Biggest Error in Baseball," the 18x24" B&W piece is a closer-up overhead view of the great ballpark with the Tigers playing before a packed house. Perhaps in another parallel universe the Tigers will someday return to this hallowed ground, but until that time, this poster gives one something with which to remember a great ballpark and a valiant group of fans who sought to save it for baseball.

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