Vol. 25 / No. 3 • 2008

In This Issue:

Noise from the Dugout
Why I Don't Go to the Ballpark
Tom Goldstein

The View from Left Field
First Place Ain't What It Used To Be
Jim Rygelski
My Turn At Bat
Miggie and the Cage Ball
Alan P. Baglia
Play with Them
John Kelin
The All-Departed Team
Mikhail Horowitz


The Bambino
James Iredell
Fall Ball
Deborah R. Schauffler

Meyer Skrepanski's Magic Belt
Timothy Walsh
The State of the Game
The Tragedy of Donnie Baseball
Matt Wood


The Great EFQ Trivia Quiz
answers on p. 105
David Paulson

The Portsider
Freedom Fighters
Staff Writer


In the Ballpark
Farewell to an Old Friend
John Kelin
Death to the Queen
Ronald L. Brown

Night Game
M. V. Moorhead
To Steal, or Not to Steal
Robert B. Robeson

Double Play
Lawrence Buentello
The Lady or the Tiger
Timothy Tocher

Baseball Insider
Four-Cornered God
John Poff

The Robinson Effect
A Man of Grace
Sheila Filler
The Letter
Norm Coleman
Return to Ebbets
Stanley H. Bard
The Incredible EFQ Quotation Quiz
The Politics of Baseball
David H. Nathan

Mickey Mantle
Bruce Weber
My First Duke
Louis Phillips

The Numbers Game
Innings with the Old Fox
Ed Grimm

Kurt Rheinheimer

The Dust of the Fields Behind Us
The Memories Remain
Tom Quirk
Everyone's from Brooklyn
William J. Graham

Baseball by the Books
Mastermind of the Evil Empire
David Shiner

Love, Madness, and Baseball
Daniel Gabriel

The Neuroscience of Futility
Jay Thomas

Play on Radio
Stephen Bluestone
World Series
Harry Bauld

Robert Rubino

Last Ups
A Swan Song
Shawn Bowman

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